About Quinto-Rival
Quinto is a dog with a open and stabiel character.  He is for nothing afraid. He is elegant en proud boy but not arrogant. He loves to play with balls, frisbee and doing agility. And also search games he loves to do. Everything around him is interesting for him to look at, therefore he is a easy showdog, he looks at everything around him. He is kind and nice for anybody and everything, or that will be children or other animals, everyone is nice and he want to go to them for a hug or petting him. He is really an pettingdog! Sometimes you must laugh about Quinto, then it is an funny dog. He likes to work with you. It is an easy dog and everything is oke and nice. Wat' s really is a plus is that he is not dominant.
Playing with balls!!!
Heey, is there something too see??
Lot of snow!! Yeah!! (12-2009) 
Sweden, Malmö April 2011.