pE, S.R. Quinto-Rival de Bruine Buck
Dutch, Luxembourg, German DKBS and VDH Champion
International Show Champion
FCI Centenary Show Champion
Youghtwinner 2004, Winner 2005 - 2006
Lokerse Winnerhond 2007 - 2008
Bundessieger 2007 - 2008
FMBB World Champion 2009 - 2010 - 2011
BIS Belgische Speciale Gerpinnes (Belgium) 2010
World Champion 2010 -2011
Jahrhundertsieger 2011
NVBH Clubwinner 2011
BIS DKBS Special Mainflingen 2012
Veteran Winner 2012
Dutch Veteran Champion
Rheinland Veteranen Sieger 2013 





U = Excellent


Dutch Specialty 2004


Mrs. Beenen-Sluijters Best Groenendael  puppy                                  
Herentals (België) Young Mrs. van Deijl Best young dog in show  
Dutch Happening 2004 Young Mrs. Onstenk-Schenk Best young Groenendael in show
Winner show Amsterdam Youth Mr. Ebels 1U JW '04 (youth Winner 2004)
Speziale DKBS 2005 (DLD) Intermediary Mrs.Stern-Hanf 1U   VDH ANW (1e point)
Dutch Specialty Intermediary Mr. E Desschans 1U
Fench Specialty Intermediary   1U + CSAU en TAN excellent
French Specialty     Primering S.R. 
Luxemburg Intermediary Mrs. M. Vermeire 1U +  CACL / RCACIB 
Luxemburgse speciale Intermediary Mr. R van Hoenacker 1U CACL
Gedragstest Almere     Sociaal +
Winnershow Amsterdam Open class Mrs. Pollet 1U + CAC / CACIB + BOB + Winner 2005 
Wijchen Open class Mrs. Stern-Hanf 1U + CAC / CACIB
Goes Champion Mrs. Onstenk-Schenk 1U + CAC / CACIB + BOB 
Leiden Open class Mrs. Stern-Hanf 1U +CAC/ CACIB
Dutch Specialty Champion Mr. Griol 2U
Belgium Specialty (FMBB) Champion Mrs. Stern-Hanf 2U
French Specialty Open class Mr. E Desschans 2U + RCAC
Dortmund Champion MrKlapproth 1U + RCAC (2 points VDH)
Winnershow Amsterdam Champion Mr. Reinders 1 U CAC + CACIB +Winnerdog 2006
Dutch Specialty Champion Mrs. Staginus-Schreuer 2 U
German DKBS 2007 Champion Mrs. Deijl 2U
Belgium Specailty Open class Mr. D. Spruyt  1 U + CAC+ Best Groenendaelermale
Lokerse Winner (Belgium) Champion Mr. Daugherty  1 U + CAC + BOB + 3th place all Belgium Dogs, 3th place all dogs group 1.
Franzözische Speziale Open class Mrs. Varlett 9U
Bundessieger Dortmund 2007 Champion Mrs. A. McLaren  1U + CAC+BOB+ Bundessieger dog 2007,  honourring from 48 dogs FCI Ggroup 1, by best 10 dogs
Nationale Zuchtschau Dortmund 2007 Champion Mrs. M. Ten Cate  1U+CAC+BOB, honourring  FCI group 1, from 42 dogs by best 8 dogs.
Germany     German VDH Champion
Parijse Dogshow Le Bourget Open class Mr.. Desschans  3U
DKBS Speziale Open class Mrs. Stern-Hanf  1U + CAC + BOB
DKBS Jublieum Open class Mrs. Berton-Sarlat  1U + CAC
NVBH  Jublileum Specialty Champion Mrs. M. Vermeire  1U + RCAC
Lokerse Winner Champion Mr. Moore  1 U + CAC + BOB. 3e place Belgium Dogs.
French Specialty Open class Mr.. Deschamps  3 U
Bundessieger Dortmund 2008 Champion Mr.. Desschans  1 U + CAC + BOB, honourring FCI group 1, from 40 dogs, by the best   10.
Belgium Specialty Open class Mr.. Desschans  1U CAC BOB
Crufts England Open class    5U
FMBB World Champion Czech Champion Mr. Griol  1U + CAC+ Best male + FMBB World Champion 2009
Specialty Czech Republic Champion Mrs. A. McLaren  1U + CAC+ Best male
NVBH Specialty Open class Mrs. Stern-Hanf  2U
DKBS Specialty Open class Mrs. J. MacAndie  1U BOS (best male)
Championnat de France Paris Champion Mr. Desshans  1U, CACIB, BOB
French Specialty Open class Mrs. Berton-Sarlat  2U + RCAC
Belgian Specialty Gerpinnes Champion Mr. Descamps  1U + CAC + BOB + BIS
DKBS Specialty Cottbus Champion Mrs. Cath Bond  1U + RCAC
FMBB World Show Cottbus Champion Mrs. Varlett  1U + CAC + BOB + FMBB World Champion 2010
Deurne NVBH Specialty Champion Mr. Aergeerts  4U
World Dog Show Herning Danmark Champion Mr. G. Christensen  1U + CACIB + BOS + World Champion 2010
Championnat de France, Paris, Villepinte Champion Mrs. Berton-Sarlat   1U + CACIB + BOB
National 'd Elevage France Champion Dhr. Griol  1U + CACIB + Best Championclass male + BOB
Speciale de Race metz Champion Mrs. A. Mc Claren  1U + CACIB + BOB + FCI group 1 by the best 10
Paris dog show Speciale de Race Champion Mrs. A. Mc Claren  1U + CACIB + BOB + FCI group 1 by the best 8.
Amiens Speciale de Race Champion Dhr. Griol  1U + CACIB
Dortmund Jahrhundertsieger Champion Mrs. P. Stern-Hanf  1U + CAC + CACIB + Jahrhundertsieger
NVBH Dutch Specialty Champion Mr. C. Fynmore  1U + CAC + BOB + Clubwinner 2011
FMBB World Championship Nieuwpoort Champion Mrs. S. Dubach  1U + Best Male + FMBB Worldchampion 2011
Belgian Specialty Champion Mr. P. Bottagisio  1U + RCAC
German Specialty DKBS Champion Mrs. M. Krug  1U + CAC
Championnat de France, Paris, Villepinte Champion Mrs. Berton-Sarlat  1U + CACIB + BOB
World Dog Show Paris, Villepinte Champion Mrs. Varlett  1U + CACIB + BOS + World Champion 2011
National 'd Elevage France Champion Dhr. Schaffner  4U
NVBH Dutch Specialty Zwolle Champion Mrs. L. Vassallo  1U + RCAC
DKBS Special Mainflingen Champion Mrs. Berton-Sarlat  1U + CAC + Best male + BOB + BIS
Swedish Specialty, Stoxa 04-08 Champion Mrs. Cath Bond  1U + CAC Certificat + BOB + Bester Championdog +     BIS 2.
National 'd Elevage France Champion Mrs. Varlett  1U + Best Groenedaeler Championdog
Winnershow Amsterdam Veteran Mrs. S. Dubach  1U + Veteran Winner 2013. Best Groenendeal Veteran. And in the ring of Veteran Honour placed by the best 10.
Eindhoven Veteran Mrs. Vermeire  1U + RCAC. Best Groenendael Veteran. Placed 4th in the Veteran Ring of honour.
Groningen Martinidogshow Veteran Mrs. Mcandie-Hall  1U + CAC, Best Groenendael Veteran, Title Dutch Veteran Champion.
BHCN Young and Old day Veteran Mrs. van Deijl  1U + Best Veteran of show, Certificate for best movement.
NVBH Specialty Zwolle (75 year) Veteran Mr. E. Desschans  2U
DKBS Specialty Veteran Mrs. L Vasallo  1U + Best Groenendaeler veteran, veteranSieger.
Young and Veteran Belgium Veteran Mr. E. Desschans  1U + Best Groenendaeler Veteran
National 'd Elevage Veteran Mr. Descamps  1U + Best Groenendaeler Veteran
Rheinlandshow, Kreveld, Germany Veteran Mrs. S. Dubach 1U + Best Groenendaeler Veteran + Rheinland VeteranSieger + BOB


pictures 2005  

Pictures from the Specialty in Neulussheim in Deutsland. Tom and Renée bring the dog(s) for. 

pictures 2005

During the Dutch Specialty in Deurne with the kennelpresentation the Bruine Buck went 1e. Quinto stands 2e on the right.

For more information and results about  Bruine Buck dogs klik.

Picture made by Fisscher German Specialty 2005.

During the French Specialty on 27 and 28 august 2005 he went 1e in his class (intermediar). And he did the Csau test with Excellent. On sunday he got the S.R. titel.

pictures 2005          

 He is Luxemburg Champion!

 During the NVBH Caractertest he got Social +.

 On the Winnershow he went 1e, BOB and Winner 2005.

Picture made bij

 On the show in Wijchen he got I Excellent and CAC / CACIB.


With the show in Goes, he went 1st in his class and got 1 Excellent and CAC / CACIB, BOB and with the ring of honour from dogs in group 1, he went 5th (of the 32 dogs). He is now Dutch Champion.

With the NVBH Specialty on 20 may he went 2e with Excellent, of 8 dogs. And Kennel "De Bruine Buck", went 1e kennel and best kennel of show.

With the Belgium Specialty he stand in the ring with his father "Rival de la fureur du crépuscule", and Quinto went 2e with Excellent. Rival 1e and best of Groenedael dog.

During the French Specialty, went Quinto 2e with U in Open Class, from 33 dogs. Bruine Buck went best Groenendael kennel and 2e Best Kennel in show. A doughter from Quinto from Sweden (Joy of Breakpiont) went 1e in Young Class, best Groendael Youngclass and best of show Youngclass. Esther bring her in the ring on Sunday.

French Specialty 2006.


With the Dutch Specialty went Quinto 2e in the Championclass (1e Benthoibn Greco de Bruine Buck).Breeder Bruine Buck 1e Kennel in show. Solitaire (Gina) BIS.

With the Belgium Specialty went Quinto in the Open Class, 1e (CAC) and Best Groenendalermale. Breeder Bruine Buck 1e Kennel in show.

Quinto with CAC price.


  Judge: Mr. Descamps, Mr. Dambrain, Mrs. Ten Cate.

A long hope for ones Best In Show and now he won this price.
We are very proud of our dog.
And Tom many thanks for Showing him.
FMBB Cottbus. All the BOB dogs in the Footballstadion.
World Dofg Show Herning Danmark 
Quinto Placed 1U                                      CACIB                                        BOB Revloch x Factor                  BOS Quinto
Worlddogshow Paris, France 2011. 
DKBS Mainflingen 2012. Best in show (BIS). 
Swedish Specialty 04-08 2012, Stoxa. 
BIS 2!!!
Eindhoven 02-02-2013.